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If you are wondering who is the best digital distributor by far, Read on.

Some say they are digital record store—Once your music is released on any of them, people get access to your music whether it’s streaming, downloading or buying them and in exchange you will receive royalties depending on how and where your music was listened to. Traditional music stores received boxes of records on a weekly basis, digital ones receive music from digital distribution companies so the process is now much simpler and faster than the traditional distribution model There are a huge number of music distribution services out there and Keeping your royalties is key to a successful career. Start by educating yourself on all their fees and what you’re getting into so you can make an informed decision. Some claim they don’t take a cut, but there are discretely hidden fees. Do the research    So without further ado… Here are the best music distribution services and companies out there today:


In the world of online music mastering, LANDR has managed to create its own identity through a wide array of features for indie musicians. Developed by Mix Genius in Montreal, QC, it is an online cloud-based service that permits the upload of tracks in several different formats. The tracks are then mastered digitally through artificial intelligence algorithms. In 2017, the service took a step forward and facilitated artists to push their music to famous streaming applications like Spotify and Apple Music by adding digital distribution services.

FEATURES It facilities a variety of tools such as plug-ins, distribution, samples, and an audio mastering studio online, further eliminating the costs of an actual studio. The tracks are mastered using an artificial intelligence system that replicates the same processes that human engineers produce while reviewing tracks. The end result is intended to be indisputable.

Furthermore, its “collaboration” feature allows you to share your music with your team members and get feedback before the final track is released. The “samples” feature provides access to the work of several renowned artists available for download.

Additionally, the “promotion” feature facilitates the creation of a promo link that allows you to share your track on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and sound cloud.


  • Provides free trial services

  • Entire albums can be mastered using the AI feature

  • Allows music distribution on popular streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Pandora

  • Supports updated versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on either PC or MAC

  • Price for the basic package starts from as low as £4 per month and £48 per year, including distribution

  • Low-quality mp3 downloads are unlimited in the basic package.

  • Facilitates the release of music to widely used streaming applications, making the tracks available to a large audience.

  • The advanced package provides the option of unlimited high and low-quality mp3 downloads.

  • The pro package provides three different styles to shape your sound better.


  • Even though the initial trial is free, users have to purchase the service to avail premium services

  • The basic package allows unlimited low-quality MP3 downloads but charges additionally for higher quality downloads.

  • The advanced package can go up to £9 a month and £108 per year

  • WAV files are also charged additionally in the advanced package.

  • The pro package can go up to as high as £25 per month and £299 per year.


LANDR’s overall user experience is worthwhile, and service is rather simple and to the point. The master, on the other hand, is also quite balanced, allowing the instruments to cut through the mix well. Even though the features are limited, they allow you to select your master intensity.

The three different packages come with their own set of available and unavailable features in order to justify the pricing and let the users decide for themselves. The low end to the master is a rather preferred feature than the top end generally.


Home to more than 9 million tracks and 650,000 artists, CD BABY is an online music distributor that came about in 1988 with offices currently operating in New York and London. The company refers to itself as an “anti-label.” It is widely known for facilitating independent musicians without any affiliation with major labels. FEATURES:

One of the most outstanding features of the company is that an account holder can have access to Show.co, which has the same marketing tools as used by popular artists like Tove Lo and Maroon 5.

Among its many other features are the following:

  • Worldwide vinyl or CD distribution

  • Sync licensing facility for films, TV, and games

  • Digital distribution to Amazon, Spotify, Apple music and 150+  more applications

  • Marketing through Instagram and Facebook stories

  • Monetization through Youtube Content ID

  • Registration of songs directly with global royalty collection societies


  • The fee is paid per song or per album instead of yearly. Per song, the fee is just $9.95, and per album, the fee is $50. Several other sites usually demand annual fees to keep your music up on the chosen platforms.

  • The money (royalties) made off of your projects is collected and paid to you through checks, PayPal, or Electronic Funds Transfer.

  • Artists are required to make an account only once on SoundExchange that circulates their royalties among the producers and songwriters, saving them the hassle of doing it physically.

  • Physical distribution is also offered in the form of CDs and Vinyl for anyone who demands it.

  • Promotion services get you through to people who are interested in the same genre of music that you make. This is done, for example, by pitching music to blogs, podcasts, etc.

  • Free sync licensing facility allows you to get your music licensed for tv shows, commercials, movies, and Youtube channels, which ultimately help you monetize and get paid.


  • An artist does not get to keep 100% of his or her sales as the company keeps 9% of commission from the total sales, letting them keep 91% of it only.

  • $10 has to be paid for every uploaded single track while $50 has to be paid for uploading an album, which is quite expensive compared to other companies.

  • CD BABY gets more money, the more your audience increases, and the more money you make through streams.

  • Not all the aforementioned features are available at a single price, and the artist might end up paying more to avail them.


While CD BABY is one of the most accommodating platforms for new and independent artists, the rates might come off as a bit pricey when compared to the other companies. However, their “free promotion” offer is highly commendable, giving one access to audiences on most online platforms, including social media. Since there are greater opportunities to earn as compared to several other companies, it just might be the right company for someone who doesn’t mind paying the price. TUNECORE

Since its debut, TuneCore has allowed several musicians to access the virtual community and promote their music. To access the services, you need to have an active account with them to be able to upload your albums or solo tracks. It, however, requires you to pay a subscription fee too.  The site not only helps you sell your work but also provides tips and tricks to grow your market. To make it further captivating, you also get to hold all your royalties without deduction.  Another quality that is amazing while being rare at the same time is the fact that you get to earn every penny as an artist.  Once you're a part of the TuneCore community, you can enjoy the perks of getting access to a number of online music stores. Some of them are inclusive of Google Play Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Youtube, which is what one needs to expand their fan base.  KEY FEATURES

1.     Access to social media tools

To be able to sustain your relevance in the industry, access to social media is a must. TuneCore updates the online audience through alerts about any upcoming tracks altogether, which means you wouldn't be required to go through the hassle of going to each social media platform yourself. You also get to post two songs a month on sound cloud. 2.     Access to publishing administration To protect artists from getting conned, they are allowed to administer their own sales and keep track of their earnings, which was previously very difficult. 3.     Master licensing and Sync This feature allows your music to be utilized in ads and tv commercials to keep you visible among the audience. The amount given by the clients is also credited fully without deductions. 4.     Analysis of your music In order to know your next step as an artist, it is crucial to know what kind of music is being liked by the audience. This feature provides you with detailed data about which of your songs are being liked the most on all platforms. 5.     Access to funds any time This feature allows you to withdraw funds by using your TuneCore account. You just need to send a request to PayPal or EFT for withdrawal and wait for their response. PROS ·       Access to  several online stores ·       A choice in withdrawal and payment methods ·       Access to 100% of your royalties ·       Customer support is accessible five days a week ·       Artists can make changes without uploading again ·       Access to licensing and publishing services ·       Access to ISRC and UPC codes with zero charge ·       Access to the pre-release feature of iTunes CONS ·      Paying the annual fee is a must ·       Inability to pay might lead your song to be removed ·       No Sound Exchange ·       Giving up 20% of your YouTube commission REVIEW TuneCore has undoubtedly transformed the procedure of selling music on online platforms. It has not only linked artists to the hugely followed online stores but also allowed them to keep 100% of their earnings. Musicians are given every opportunity to reach a bigger audience. Even though the pricing is not exactly pocket friendly, it has become one of the most renowned distribution platforms for musicians across the globe. DITTO MUSIC

Ditto Music provides some amazing and unique experiences for clients through its user-friendly distribution platform. Anyone searching for unlimited releases with a cheaper alternative and a pocket-friendly experience must choose this credible platform. Additionally, it also lets you keep all your earnings. It is furthermore a firm choice for someone looking to use Vevo and Youtube to strengthen its marketing strategy.  In conclusion, the platform immensely supports the Electronic/Dance genre, and the support is further facilitated through connection with platforms like Beatport. FEATURES

Transparency and Financial convenience An artist has complete independence when it comes to royalties and earnings. Moreover, they’re also able to keep track of the projected sales.

Release Content Parameters Artists receive guidance about acceptable content and formats for their artwork. This is done to ensure that the same configuration is supported by major digital stores.

Monitoring and scrutiny In order to avoid copyright infringement issues, all the releases are monitored carefully to ensure its content, format, and originality. Licenses are also provided for covers, remixes, and songs containing samples.

Broad-based Distribution Ditto music ensures that your releases reach every digital store worldwide. Your tracks are uploaded for downloads and streaming to Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, etc., at a reasonable price. Moreover, your royalties are maintained free of charge for your music on the radio.

Inclusion in playlists A rather distinctive feature that only Ditto clients get to avail is getting a fair chance to be featured in ditto's as well as other popular playlists. The feature enhances your visibility, and your chances of getting discovered are magnified.

Registration in charts This feature allows your music to reach international charts in the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and Sweden. You might eventually break into the most famous international charts, such as BillBoard.

Copyrights Protection Ditto manages all your copyrights by using digital fingerprinting for every release. This is done to steer clear of copyright violations.


·      Releases are unlimited for $19 ·      Hourly trending reports from Spotify and iTunes ·      Freedom to add more stores ·      Provision of pre-release features ·      The company takes 0% commission ·      Payments are made immediately ·      Vevo Distribution


·    10% YouTube commission is charged ·      Only a few artists can avail YouTube monetization ·      Hidden charges ·      PayPal not authorized for use ·      No immediate verification on streaming profiles ·      Publishing administration not provided ·      Complains of customer service


Ditto Music's platform is not only easy to get the hang of, but the company also provides many features that are not offered by other companies. Although the downside of the platform could be its customer service, things look quite amazing on the surface. Therefore, it is advisable to do personal research and match the services with your personal requirements before opting for Ditto Music. LOUDR

LOUDR provides digital distribution services primarily for cover artists who wish to get their music on iTunes. It currently serves independent digital distribution companies like CD Baby and DistroKid. The artists enjoy the perk of getting their licenses cleared for iTunes without any hassle of hunting the publishers down themselves. The fact that its founder, Chris, was a former iTunes employee makes him a better judge of its services than a lot of new distribution companies.

Even though LOUDR has now handed over its distribution services to CD Baby, you can still register on it via their site. FEATURES *Since it has now been acquired by CD Baby, you may refer to the first article for a detailed review of its features. However, they own a download store, which is quite similar to another distribution company, Band Camp's. They have also recently added a licensing service to allow artists to obtain a license and distribute their work to other services. PROS:

  • No sign-up fee charged for any number of uploads on iTunes

  • Provides mechanical license for cover songs

  • Revenue could be split equally between any number of artists involved in the making of a song/album. CONS

  • They distribute to a handful of outlets.

  • They charge 15% commission (around 30% for obtaining a mechanical license for US downloads)

  • A support member is required to use the iTunes digital booklet and pre-order setup.

  • Composition royalties cannot be collected through them, and for that, an artist additionally needs to work with Tunecore or Songtrust Publishing.  REVIEW LOUDR is overall more inclusive and cheaper than its primary competitor, Songfile, and its licensing is also more powerful in comparison. The licenses are apparently provided within a week or even the same day as per its management. However, due to the general lack of support, LOUDR had to acquire services from CD Baby for its distribution services. As opposed to the natural transitions that require existing customers to redistribute and remove their catalogs, which result in lost reviews and ratings, LOUDR made sure that its current customers were facilitated well. Therefore, the existing customers went through a rather seamless transition, with no additional fee required. For the most part, the old, as well as new clients, enjoyed the same experience of logging into their Music Manager and receiving reports, except for the support that was taken over by CD Baby. The CEO of LOUDR further clarified that their clients can continue to use the same dashboard as they always have. He also ensured that more distribution options, as well as faster delivery of new music to their partners, will be provided in the near future. Currently, LOUDR has around 12000 independent artists inclusive of some of the biggest names of YouTube, like Lindsey Stirling, Tyler Ward, Peter Hollens, and Mike Tompkins.


  1. Joining the bandwagon is another online music distribution platform that allows you to circulate and sell your music around the world without the need for a record label. Record Union provides you with all the necessary tools to get your music across several different platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, Beatport, and Spotify, among many others. Similar to the other distribution services, RecordUnion also provides you with an option to create an account and operate it with ease. FEATURES A&R PROGRAM This unique feature allows the user to recruit artists. Furthermore, if a band makes use of your invitation to sign up, you also get to earn about 7.5% of their album sales. SALES PERFORMANCE This is another crucial feature that allows you to monitor your music sales and the money generated from it. SALES REPORTS When your music gets streamed or downloaded on any platform, it is recorded and then relayed to Record Union. The feature helps you see the royalties on your account balance. SPOTIFY TRENDS This tool enables you to observe how well your song is performing on Spotify. SUPPORT Record Union is known for its responsive and interactive customer support that provides a comprehensive solution to any problem you may experience. PRICING The company provides three price plans for its customers: “Build your own” plan: Under this plan, you can only select one distribution platform to distribute your music that Record Union has partnered with. The package charges $7 for a single and $13 for an album. The “Top Dog” plan: Under this plan, you can select up to six distribution platforms to distribute your music. The package charges you $10 for a single and $16 for an album. The “World Domination” plan: Under this plan, you can select all the platforms Record Union has partnered with to distribute your music. The package charges $15 for a single and $25 for an album. PROS

  • Doesn’t require any prior experience in music experience and is very easy to operate

  • Customers of the platform can get access to discounts on third-party services.

  • Since it has connections with many prominent labels such as Sony Music, the artists could enjoy a plethora of opportunities to grow their careers.

  • Compared to other distribution platforms, it is cheaper.

  • The customer support is extremely responsive

  • Renewal fees are low CONS

  • Comparatively, a high commission is charged 

  • To view your sales report, it conveniently takes three months

  • The payout also takes a reasonable amount of time

  • The platform is not linked with social media networks

  • It lacks promotional tools

  • Only PayPal can be used to access payments REVIEW

It could be concluded that Record Union does not have a plethora of features like its competitors do, but regardless, reliable service is still provided in terms of music distribution to the primary online music stores. If we compare the list of distribution services they have partnered with to their competitors, it's rather small.

However, they have still managed to perform well, especially in the domain of customer support, and their platform is generally very convenient to use.

Who says your career in music can’t be successful without a multi-million dollar backing? With companies like Mondo Tunes and ReverbNation that simplify the distribution process for artists, it is more than possible. MONDO TUNES

MondoTunes provides unlimited yearly distribution for an annual fee and takes a 10% commission. Even though its basic features are pretty much affordable, someone who is budget-conscious might struggle to avail of some additional perks. They also have huge connections in the industry that allow them to distribute your music to several outlets, even in Asia. FEATURES

  • MondoBio This feature provides an artist biography service to assist them in building their brand. If availed, the service would cost the artists $49.99  MondoBlast This feature promotes an artist’s music by getting the word out through press releases. If availed, the service will charge you $99.99 Music Video Distribution As the name implies, this feature allows video promotion of an artist’s songs on renowned platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and many more.  Monetization through Sound Cloud Through this feature, ads are placed on your songs, and you are able to earn once you allow them to leverage your music for advertising. SoundExchange Collection This rather crucial feature allows your music to be played on radio stations like Sirius or iHeartRadio through a simple registration process. Payouts The payment options are quite flexible and provide you with both PayPal and Physical check facility. However, the physical check option is only applicable to the musicians living in the USA. Commissions Even though Mondo Tunes itself doesn’t make any deductions from an artist’s earnings, its partners do. For instance, if a single song earns 99 cents on iTunes, it deducts $29 from that. PROS

  • It charges an annual fee of $39.99 per year for an unlimited number of singles and albums.

  • 24/7 customer support on email

  • Straight forward and easy to use

  • It’s also affiliated with strong distribution partners CONS

  • The video promotion feature charges $250

  • There’s no payment splitting option between artists

  • They charge both a yearly fee and commission

  • There’s a $25 threshold before the withdrawal of funds.

  • Reporting and analytics are not strong enough. REVIEW There is no doubt that MondoTunes is a solid distribution platform for many emerging artists. It has established a strong base among several new artists through its promising features, such as distributing music to a large selection of stores. However, it might be a little heavy on the pocket if you're looking for a budget-friendly service. It charges a hefty amount for its additional features, which might be just what you need in your journey.


ReverbNation came about in 2006 in North Carolina. It was founded with the primary intent of putting the artist first and providing them with the necessary promotional tools to advance their careers. It currently hosts more than 2.9 million artists, venues and record labels across the globe.

Like any other distribution platform, it also requires you to sign up and create your profile to interact with the vast community.


Fan Reach

This tool can be used to create, send, and track messages via email, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also use it to share any upcoming shows, songs, or videos through a custom status update. It's inclusive of a Fan Collector widget that helps you gather fan emails wherever you go online.

Crowd Reviews

With this tool, you can take a deeper look into people's opinions about your music. It provides detailed feedback on your song's overall market appeal through the listeners of your genre. The feature is useful for better decision making about production, composition, and promotion in the long term.

Social Media

Most musicians who have good songs also have a higher count of plays than followers. Sadly, when individuals become followers but don’t play your songs, the reverse happens, that is, more fans but less music plays – you can wind up with more fans than music plays. ReverbNation can also connect your website with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to make sure that they all show your updates. That way, all your followers from Facebook or Twitter become incorporated into your ReverbNation list of followers. PRICING The pricing is divided into three categories, namely: 1.     Free- Inclusive of unlimited songs, social and email marketing, embedded players, etc. 2.     Basic/$12.95 per month- Inclusive of all the free features as well as large-sized song uploads, Ad-free profile and an electronic press kit 3.     Premium/$19.95 per month- Inclusive of all the free and basic features along with music publishing administration, a website with free domain, digital distribution, and unbranded embeds.  PROS

  • In terms of digital distribution, you can also send ReverbNation an actual CD, and they will take charge of the whole process on your behalf.

  • Apart from the annual charges, they do not cut anything for submission. However, shops like iTunes do.

  • Fans can do playlists of their preferred musicians (and they also have a statistics segment. Sites can use it to market the programs they are planning.

  • You can add your profile to Facebook, which makes it easier for your followers to discover your music.

  • It also allows you to embed YouTube video clips, which is essential for setting up an audiovisual profile.


  • The user profile pages have a lot of tools that can be hard to process for people who aren't computer savvy.

  • Since it operates as a social network, there's a reasonable chance of wall spam.

  • Yearly charges aren't cheap for digital broadcasting.

  • The size limit for MP3s is up to 8MB for profiles.

REVIEW All in all, ReverbNation has many promising tools to help artists brand themselves. You cannot only create your own store but also produce and market your songs in the form of digital downloads, CDs, and ringtones. Even though the annual charge is heavy on the pocket, there is no advance expense as the products are marketed as per the demand. However, it doesn’t end here as we have yet to reveal more distribution companies. So, hold tight and stay tuned for something that just might be your final pick. Even though it’s safe to say that the companies reviewed above could provide new artists with numerous tools to enhance their careers, you might just want to wait a little longer. Up next are the companies that not only have a unique set of features but may just prove to be the right fit for your needs as an artist. To have a well-grounded digital distribution track record is synonymous to having a stellar CV. The right choice will get you better visibility, better shows, and a higher negotiating power. Therefore, to do it digitally, it is important to do it right. The world isn't a comfortable place for upcoming musicians. If you are one, you will find yourself doing most of the work when it comes to finding the right agency. However, when it comes to earning options, it is good to do thorough research about the most favourable one. Therefore, to rid you of this dilemma, we have brought forth the reviews of two more credible agencies. SYMPHONIC

  • Since its existence for about ten years, Symphonic has partnered with more than 200 online music stores to help in the distribution process. Among the most popular streaming services, it has partnered with include Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and many more. It has been a promising platform to enhance the fanbase of several musicians. Furthermore, it has also partnered with YouTube, Vevo, and iTunes to facilitate the promotion of music videos for a one-time fee of $95. FEATURES YouTube Monetization You can avail this feature through a free sign up; however, once your music starts generating revenue, Symphonic claims 30% of it. It also locates videos using any of your music and ensures that you get paid for it. Soundcloud Monetization Similar to YouTube, once your songs start generating revenue, Symphonic claims 30% of it. The maximum revenue is generated through audio ads accompanied by the songs you post on Soundcloud. Publishing Administration To avail this feature, you are required to pay a fee of $75, after which you can keep 90% of all your publishing royalties. SoundScan Registration Through this feature, you can keep track of your sales across Canada and the USA. To avail it, you are required to pay a fee of $2.99 per song and $10 per album. Marketing and Promotion Under this feature, Symphonic offers logo designing, and custom made videos, marketing, and release campaigns to help an artist promote their music. Barcodes This is a unique feature that is not only offered but offered for free. It generates the required ISRC and UPC codes the moment your music is uploaded for release. Mastering Services In the final stages of music production, Symphonic provides mastering services for as low as $20 across several genres, from hip hop to electronic dance. Social Media Integration Last but not least, Symphonic is not anywhere behind when it comes to linking with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order to enhance an artist's fanbase. PROS

  • Fans can pre-order your music on many platforms such as Amazon and Google Play

  • It has partnered with over 200 music platforms to ensure the vast distribution of your music

  • It allows YouTube and Soundcloud monetization

  • You can distribute your music through ringtones

  • No annual fee is charged

  • It also comes with a piracy protection feature Music is distributed in both audio and video form It is cheaper and convenient to compile an album


  • It charges a relatively high commission of 15% for distributing your music

  • Payment is given to artists only once a month

  • The payment threshold is also relatively high, around $50.

  • It doesn't have the option of payment splitting.

  • Everyone cannot distribute their music through Symphonic as it's a submission-based platform. REVIEW Even though Symphonic is not as renowned as some of its competitors, it has some of the best features and services to facilitate a smooth music distribution process. The wide array of features offered by them also come at competitive prices.


iMusician markets itself as a distribution service for bands, labels, as well as independent artists. It is known for being the leading European DIY music distributor, and upon uploading your music here, it becomes available to over 250 popular outlets. FEATURES Speedy distribution One of the best features known about iMusician is its speedy distribution. It generally does it within two weeks, but the process could be sped up if you purchase the express delivery option. Mastering and Mixing services This feature allows you to master and mix your tracks once you’re finished recording your song. The cost varies depending on the number of tracks that need to be mastered and mixed. Customized release dates If you’re someone who likes to decide your own release dates without any restrictions, this is just the right feature for you. YouTube monetization This feature enables you to earn ad revenue from any videos using your music. A fee is charged for each song in the starter and regular packages; however, for higher packages, the service could be availed for free. Cover songs Via this feature, you can upload your cover songs as well; however, it won’t give you licensing services. iTunes Pro Signing up with iMusician makes you eligible for all the iTunes Pro benefits. The benefits are inclusive of customized music links, pre-order—iTunes booklet, store prizes, and updating the artist profile. The feature can be utilized free of cost using the pro unlimited plan. Analytics iMusician lets you keep track of your daily and monthly sales through a detailed report. This feature is particularly useful to understand what works best in the market and helps to improve your performance. Pricing Starter: Starting at $2, with 30% commission of the agency and one store of your choice. Regular: Starting at $5, with 15% commission of the agency and 200 plus stores. Rockstar: Starting at $20, with 0% commission of the agency and 200 plus stores. Pro Unlimited: Yearly subscription at $299 with 0% commission and 200 plus stores. PROS ·       It has Mixing and Mastering options ·       It allows YouTube monetization ·       It distributes your music to over 250 outlets ·       It is inclusive of iTunes Pro benefits ·       It provides professional customer service ·       There are Zero thresholds for payment withdrawals. CONS ·       It charges extra for faster distribution ·       Charges are also applied to reduce the overall commission on royalties ·       There are no options to divide the payment ·       There is no admin publisher. REVIEW All in all, iMusician gives you access to enough platforms to boost your sales. It also lets you avail of amazing features, as mentioned earlier, which is the biggest reason why you shouldn't miss out on it. Even though it isn't marketed enough, it's easy to use and gives attractive payouts.  However, Is it still early to decide which one should be a musician's top-pick? Probably yes.  So hold on till we review our last few agencies and make you pick the one best suited to your needs. THE ORCHARD

The Orchard is a pioneering distribution company that covers the domains of video, music, and film. It was founded in 1997, and It currently possesses all the necessary tools to market and sell your work using its reach across several physicals, digital and mobile outlets across the world. It has local reps in over 40 global markets that facilitate your reach by maximizing it across many business verticals. FEATURES Artist Builder It is a tool that saves time, manages artists’ photos, bio, videos, news & tour dates in one location. It then connects to your Facebook account for convenient sharing & embeds on your blog/website. Release Builder  This is your one-stop solution for audio and video uploads. Using this tool, you can upload single or multiple releases all at once. You can also create compilations, make exclusive versions, and ensure track delivery. Marketplace  This is an in-house application store to provide you with discounted sales, marketing & business tools. It is also integrated with Artist and Release Builder, which makes it easy to use their partner applications on a single platform. Analytics This is an interactive tool to facilitate the track release activity & sales reports in real-time. Sales data from retail partners are gathered and utilized to create graphs and charts. This is done to help the users understand & focus their efforts in the right direction V.E.C.T.O.R. (Very Efficient Conduit To Our Retailers) This is the tool that delivers valuable data of the users to mobile and digital retailers across the globe. PROS ·       It has industry clout ·       It has a global digital distribution network ·       It also facilitates video and playlist placement ·       It provides physical distribution ·       It gives one-on-one attention to the client ·       It has advanced accounting and analytics features  CONS ·       It charges a high commission of 15-20% ·       It is exclusive and does not cater to everyone REVIEW All In all, their distribution services are inclusive of cutting-edge technology that both markets and promotes content. Moreover, it also provides syncing as a part of its services. Aside from the fact that it charges a high commission fee, it also provides you with a plethora of opportunities to enhance your reach worldwide. Therefore, if you are someone looking for a record label that is both traditional in nature and equipped with technological tools, the Orchard might just be your best fit. AWAL

  • AWAL is an online distribution cum music management service that provides a platform for independent artists to share their music worldwide. It handles functions such as distribution, marketing, making playlists, and providing data analytics. It gives you the required exposure as an upcoming musician and places the ball right in your court. The more your music improves, the better it will feature in the charts. However, it is best for one to work with AWAL if they already have a somewhat established career in the field. FEATURES Great Music Distribution AWAL distributes your music to all the renowned digital platforms such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and many more Playlist Promotion Musicians who sign up with AWAL get to enjoy the perk of landing on popular playlists easily. This is because Awal has direct relationships with iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora. AWAL community and support. This platform unites all the enrolled artists to share their stories with each other. This is done to not only keep everyone informed but to inspire each other too. Video monetization AWAL has partnered with YouTube to deliver the work of its clients to Content ID to make sure that they do not let go of any of their earnings. It also delivers audios to YouTube and collects royalties on behalf of its artists.  The AWAL application This application is exclusively designed to help independent artists in finding out crucial information to benchmark against their peers. PROS

  • It doesn’t charge any upfront fees. Instead, it makes money with a 15% commission from your revenue.

  • It creates a chart system through which you can get to the top. However, it also depends on how fast your following grows.

  • It has the benefit of affiliation with major online streaming services like Spotify.

  • It allows artists to make money from their videos using Google’s Content ID software.

  • The AWAL app makes it easier to manage your brand.

  • It also gives you crucial information to prepare yourself for shows.

  • You can also perform at local AWAL shows. CONS

  • It is challenging to sell your music through AWAL because of the immense competition you may face.

  • You might need to do quite a lot of promoting from your end to promote your brand.


Overall, the entire idea of AWAL is like a breath of fresh air in the industry, and it has played a role in improving the lives of many artists across the globe. Therefore, if you really wish to commit to taking your music to the next level, it is highly recommended that you try it out. Its innovative features are bound to make your life much easier. CONCLUSION

After immense research and thorough analysis of each distribution company, we can mutually agree that none of them is the “best” or the “worst” in this business. At the end of the day, all distribution companies, regardless of their features, pros, and cons, or position in the market, are only trying to get your music across several online platforms. All the companies have the primary motive of helping your music reach as many people as possible through their streaming and downloading services. After narrowing down the list and providing you with all the necessary information about each platform, we would now leave it up to you to figure out what best fits your needs. Choosing the right distribution service is dependant on various factors, such as your career needs, affordability, and personal goals. In conclusion, there is no one way to look at music distribution or make it in the new music business. However, what we can all agree on is the fact that digital distribution is the fastest and the most direct route to the ears of those listening.

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