Bass music Mixing & Mastering


I only offer my services to bass music artists and producers. This is because I believe in specialisation and I choose to focus all my efforts on this service to serve my clients' best interests.


I can take raw tracks you've recorded at any professional or home studio and turn them into incredible, polished-sounding tracks.


I can create a coherent final master that translates well into any type of listening system or environment.


I work with bass music artists & producers to take mixing & mastering off their hands. The artists I work with, love creating and writing music but, they struggle with mixing & mastering, So I step into that role by finishing their projects so that their hard work sounds the best it can be.

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Credits include Toya delazy - Janicsák Veca - Ahmed Mekky - Panther Panther - Hadise - Diezmo and LUA Preta to name a few.


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